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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where is PVCreators Located?
    21021 Erwin St. Apt 487, Los Angeles, CA 91367
  • How Many Teams Do You Have?
    We have diverse teams of Researchers, Analysts, Strategists, Marketers, Brainstorming, Writers, Videographers and Photographers, Video Editors, Animators, Graphic designers, Social Media Managers, SEO and Web Designers who specialize in their field.
  • Who we are
    We are a fast-growing, innovative group of creators who know how to use social media for maximum impact.
  • Why PVCreators?
    Just imagine our team mashing their brains to create fresh, unique content that will captivate people. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of content you need to create, contact us. We'll craft original and authentic newsworthy posts on your behalf. Although there are other methods that can help you break through the noise, we propose that there is nothing like adding high quality posts (fresh content) to your social media platforms daily. Not just mindless drivel either. We pull the best from your document and turn it into something viral, newsworthy, appealing and shareable for social media. That way your voice has the greatest chance of being heard by your fans. PVCreators can bring in more traffic, awareness, and exposure to your brand. They also lead to greater social media engagement and online profitability.
  • How Can I Contact PVCreators?
    You can choose one of these ways: -You can book an online meeting at: Booking Link -You can Send an Email to -You can call us on 310 4000-119 -You can Leave your number on the form so we call you: Form Link
  • How long is your company experienced with Marketing?
    We've been working in the marketing space for about 15 years now. We've worked with clients ranging from large, multinational corporations to small, local businesses, and we have a reputation for being able to help them meet their goals.
  • What If I Want To Cancel?
    You can cancel at anytime, just follow the cancelation steps on our website.
  • How Much Is It Going To Cost?
    Check out our Packages and Pricing Here.
  • Do I have monthly meetings with my manager, how often do we meet?
    Yes, you will receive a weekly report and a monthly report and depends on your plan you can request meeting(s).
  • Who is responsible for creating the content your agency provides?
    Thanks for asking this question! Our agency is responsible for creating the content we provide, but there are different aspects. Regarding copyrights, we are responsible for all the photos and videos that we use. This means that they are all taken by our photographers, video teams, or we purchase the licenses before. For context, we also make sure to include our company's name in the caption of each photo so that you can use it for legal purposes. However, at the end of the day, it's your company and you have to put a time before we create content, your dedicated social media manager will send you the content and context for each post before uploading it. You have a chance to review them all before they're published.
  • How Do You Know What To Post?
    At our agency, we understand that no two businesses are alike. Our marketing team will study your business to determine what makes it unique and our research team will study trends in the market so that we can develop a content strategy tailored specifically for you.
  • How Much Content Do I Need?
    So, you want to know how much content you need. Well, I'm going to be totally honest with you: it depends. There's no magic number of posts per day that works for everyone, but there are some general guidelines we've found helpful. If you're just starting out on social media, we recommend posting at least once a day. If you're already established and have a decent following, consider doubling that number up to twice per day. That may seem like a lot—and it can be!—but if you don't post enough, your audience won't see your content as often and might stop engaging with it altogether. It may also lead them to forget who you are and why they follow you in the first place! At PVCreators, our motto is "Consistency is the key." We want you to be able to create great content, but also know that if you don't have time for it every day, we've got your back. Our plans are designed for consistency—so that no matter how much time or money you have, you can make sure your audience gets what they need from your social media presence.
  • What If I Don’t Like The Content?
    We will get your approval before publishing important content and for smaller pieces daily don't worry, We strive to provide you with the best possible experience and are willing to make adjustments along the way. If at any point you feel that we have made a mistake, or if there is something else about our service that leaves you feeling dissatisfied, please let us know by emailing us. We can change the contents or managers if necessary as well—just ask!
  • How much does it cost for video production?
    Your video production is included in the packages so you don't need to pay anything extra. If you need only custom video and don't like to join our Content Creation Program (CCP) we will charge $200 per/hour for our videography services for more info please see our production prices. FYI, if you need videography for more than 3 hours, then having a package is more affordable check our plans and pricing now. 😉
  • How do i get my contents?
    If you choose a Starter plan, we'll share the contents with you on Google Drive so that you can publish them on your own. If you choose a PRO or VIP plan, we'll publish the contents directly on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.
  • How Long Before We See Results?
    It depends what you mean by results! If you're asking about engagement, you'll start to see it the day after we post the first content. We have a proprietary algorithm that works to match your accounts with people who are interested in your products or services. If you're asking about followers, we build an audience for your business organically, so it's not going to happen overnight—but it is going to happen. As soon as we publish the first post for you, we start building followers based on your industry and content. This takes a few months; typically we see great results within six months. If you're asking about leads (or sales), this is totally up to you! Great customer service and good advertising will be the combination you need to gain your goals, but organic leads are coming after 6 months for start-up businesses, and for well-established firms, they'll typically come after two months.
  • Why Do I Need Different Content Types?
    Because different people need different things. You could be posting about the same thing over and over again, but it's really just going to resonate with some people. Some people like videos, others like photos. Some people want to read long-form blog posts, others want snippets of information in their Instagram feed. And it's not just about what people want—it's also about how much time they have to consume your content. In social media, you have 3 seconds to grab someone's attention before they swipe past your post or move on to something else. You need to make sure that when they do stop by your profile or page they'll find something worth sticking around for! So how can you do this? By creating different types of content everyday that will engage people to see your content and follow you!
  • Do All Clients Get The Same Content More or Less?
    We know that your business is unique,we treat it like we own it. Our posts are custom-tailored to incorporate your brand colors, logo font--everything! We are here to make your contents alive!
  • Where should the content go?
    It should be uploaded on social media platforms or website to gain audience attention. Our social media managers will take care of uploading them in the PRO and VIP plans.
  • What is Social Media Management and Why Do I Need It?
    Social media management helps your business to reach its audience and grow, by creating an online community that recognizes the value of what you have to offer.. Social media management is the backbone of any successful online strategy and will be needed by nearly every business for as long has social media exists.
  • Do You Answer Comments and Messages on Social Media Platforms?
    Our PRO and VIP Packages include dedicated social media managers who not only answer your comments and messages but also leave comments on relevant hashtags posts, small accounts in your niche—as well as big creators.
  • Can I Still Post on My Social Media Pages?
    You are the owner of your Page, so you can post and engage with followers any time. If you like to send us pictures or video's anytime so we edit and publish consider it done .
  • Do you create my social media channels and profiles if I don’t have any?
    Why not, We are here to take care of all your online presence so you can focus on growing your business. By choosing PRO or VIP, we'll do it for free!
  • Will I be able to edit blog articles on my website?
    Simple Answer is Yes, you'll be able to edit your blog content on your website. But, It depends on your website platform, if you're using WordPress or Wix then it's possible and you can change anything you like. We do usually prefer to do this by ourselves, though, since blogs are built around keywords and if you change the keywords density or change the picture without fixing the back-end SEO process then you might damage the article and it doesn't perform the way you like it.
  • Do I Need to Pay for Ads?
    For running ads you need to choose one of our Ads Package which is different from our Content Creation packages, while Content Creation packages are best for organic leads and long-term relations, Ad campaigns offer a quick boost but at the expense of temporary relations. The cost of an ad campaign includes a budget—which you determine, based on your business needs and standards for ROI—and the running costs associated with designing, writing, creating and analyzing and finally optimizing ads.
  • Do you have a portfolio or samples of your past campaigns or client work?
    Yes, we've put a few samples of our portfolio work on the link below for you to view.
  • Do We Sign a Contract?
    Whether you sign the contract or not, we'll take action
  • Do I have Monthly Meetings With My Manager, How often Do We Meet?
    mark please answer this
  • Does My Business Really Need Social Media?
    Statistics speaks themselves: 55% of clients learn about new brands on social, 68% of clients agree that social media enables them to interact with brands and companies, 43% of clients increased their social media use to discover new services in the last year, 78% of clients are willing to make a contract with a company after having a positive experience with them on social, 80% of business executives think it’s very important or essential to invest additional resources in social media marketing 91% of executives will increase social media marketing budgets in the next 3 years 72% of companies use social media data to inform business decisions The latest social media statistics show that there are 3.78 billion social media users worldwide in 2021 – and this number is only going to continue growing over the next few years (Statista, 2020). As it stands, that equates to about 48 percent of the current world population.
  • What Is a Social Media Post?
    A post is a piece of content that appears on your social media pages. Posts are important because they help tell the story about your business to the public. They build your page in a way shows that you are a trustworthy business and can explain your service offerings and promote them. The entire post consists of an image or video, audio or voice-over, caption, and hashtags. The images and videos should be eye-catching and aesthetic which promote your business or service in some way. The caption should be written in a way that can explain what the image depicts and why it is important to you or your company. Hashtags are used to help gain exposure for your page as well as increase its growth rate by bringing in more followers and likes from other users who may have similar interests in mind when browsing through their feeds!
  • What is Content Marketing?
    Content marketing is a strategy that helps you attract, engage, and retain an audience by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media. It's a way to publish content that's valuable to your audience. Your goal is to have people find your content on their own. The key is that the content you create should be helpful in some way—whether it's educational or entertaining or just plain fun—and not just promotional
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