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Photography And Videography Services

The unique part of our service is photography & videography.

Our photographers and videographers will come to your location with a portable studio set. They will shoot videos, photos and interview you and your staff once a month. 

Show your customers your company and give them an insight into your work and your business.

Why you need Photos and Videos?

A lot of clients asked me why we need photos and videos for our social media?  The answer is not simple 

Why you should show your face on  your social media?

It’s great for brand recognition
Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Rihanna – just by reading those names, you were able to picture their faces. Why is that?

Answer: it’s because you have seen their faces so many times, your brain has built that connection between their faces, names, and brands. That’s what showing your face on Instagram can do!

Visuals are a powerful way for humans to remember things. Strong brand recognition is priceless in today’s world, and an excellent way for your brand to stand out and be memorable.

It humanises your brand
As human beings, we tend to work on emotive responses – and this is fundamental when understanding how your prospective customer or client will choose to buy from you. 

Seeing a face behind the brand shows your community that you are in fact human – just like them. You’re not a big corporate conglomerate with lots of minions doing the work. Nor are you a robot who automates everything. You and your brand are Raw. Real. Relatable.

It sparks conversations
Engagement is the key to success on Instagram, and is the most important thing you need to do on the platform every single day.

You need to make your content spark those moments for you so that those conversations are happening right on your profile! Our brains are naturally drawn towards faces. It’s so important to us, it lights up a really specific part of our brain! So sharing a friendly face is a great way to stop the scroll and get those conversations flowing.

It builds trust
When you continue to engage with your community and show how relatable you are, this turns into trust. Brand trust is vital if you want to continue to turn your followers into a primed and warmed up lead, which could ultimately become a new client sign up or customer sale.

If nothing else, you may even get some awesome referrals from those in your community who just love you and what you stand for – even if they have never used your services or bought from you before!

High quality recordings

With professional camera equipment, we take high-quality pictures of you and your team in professional photo shoots. If you wish, we can photograph both your company and the team from all angles and in different situations. We put you in a particularly good light and present you from your best side


There are moments that need more attention than just a picture. These moments are something very special and should be captured in a video - that's what we're here for.

Through videography, you can involve the customer in your company in a much more personal way. The areas of application for videography are as varied as our customers. Our professional videographer offer product videos to promote your products even more vividly. We would also be happy to create a video tour of your company to make you even more interesting for potential clients, accompany you to company’s events . We have professional tools to make each video unique. From beautiful effects to good music, we have the power to give you the best possible experience.


We are an expanding, prolific crew of nerds who know how to crush it onto social media.

Best pricing ever?

A lot of clients asked me why we need photos and videos for our social media?  The answer is not simple 

Image by Jeroen den Otter

Why are professional photos and videos critical to your business?

Every company, no matter in which industry, lives from professional photos on its website. No matter who your customers are or what you sell, quality photography is an important asset that contributes to your overall branding and success. When it comes to a business expense that's totally worth it, professional photography should be at the top of the list.


There are so many benefits to having professional photos of your business and the products you offer  on your website .

1. A picture is worth a thousand words

You've probably heard this saying before. Nowadays a picture says at least a thousand words - probably more! Photos are a great way to show your customers what you have to offer instead of telling them. Today's consumers like to see things for themselves before making a purchasing decision. The internet has increasingly made this possible, making photos and videos of your products and offers more valuable than ever.


2. Your media represents your brand

Oftentimes, the cost of professional photography makes it tempting for business people to take photos themselves or to find a cheaper alternative to hiring a professional photographer. If that thought crosses your mind, remember: your photos represent your brand. Low quality and unprofessional photos on your website communicate the same thing about your business and the products and services you offer. Your photos and website are hugely important when it comes to making a first impression on customers. Don't skimp on them!


3. Your customers want to get to know you

Stock photos are an alternative that some companies consider when they feel that a photo shoot with a professional photographer might be out of reach. While stock photos are certainly helpful for some purposes, they're not the best way to showcase your business. Why? Because they are not photos of your company.


When customers visit your website, they want to get to know you! Stock photos won't help you with that - and you could give people the wrong impression of what you have to offer. The best way for potential customers to get to know your company is to show them recent photos and videos of your company, your team members, and your products.


4. Images can help you get found on the web

If your business has a website, you may have heard of search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is the practice of strategic optimization to achieve better performance in search engine ranking results. There are many elements to SEO and one element is images.

Image by Ian Schneider

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